Hraninvest-Hranmashcomplect AD, founded in 1968, is a leading Bulgarian machine manufacturer. The company has been specializing in the manufacture of food processing machines and equipment ever since its foundation. It incorporates the former manufacturing plants Cherveno zname, Tacho Daskalov, Zheleznik, the engineering company Hranmashcomplect and Hraninvest.

Today Hraninvest-Hranmashcomplect AD is part of Holding Zagora which is one of the largest holding companies in Bulgaria. Some of the biggest manufacturing plants which became well renowned with the years: Progress AD, manufacturer of gray and spheroidal-graphite iron castings and Prcskov AD, manufacturer of carbon and alloy steel forgings are included in the structure of our holding company. A forwarding company, Zagora Mobil, was also formed for more efficient and successful operation of the subsidiary companies, providing transportation services of goods both in the local market and internationally.

By following a policy for continuous investment in the purchase of new equipment and technology, today, we are a modern and successful company both in the manufacture of machines and equipment, and of machining of parts. Having the facilities and capabilities for both small and large-scale production of parts of most various sizes, there is no such service that we cannot provide when it concerns machining. We have proved and still continue to prove our capabilities to our world-known customers, while the combination of our quality and prices is the most competitive in the Bulgarian market.